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Stop Smoking Now! Leading Expert in the field of smoking cessation. Advanced phychotherapeutic technique, Hypnotic intervention.

"I believe everyone has the right to a life of meaning, dignity, peace and your dreams..." Cliff Le Clercq M.B.S.C.

Do you lose control?
feel in conflict with yourself or others, emotionally misunderstood and exhausted with the stress of it all, have trouble feeling connected, shy or afraid, indecisive, lacking real confidence? all these negative responses to life can be reversed and new skills and strategies for dealing with your life successfully installed. Most people respond to emotional distress by reaching for tranquillisers, alcohol, anger or simply worrying themselves to a standstill, when there is absolutely no need to, help is available, skill, understanding, compassion, tact and confidence assured.

Member of:

  • The American board of Hypnotherapy
  • The British society, Clinical Hypnotherapy
  • The U.K. stress management Assc.


In association with: The Priory Hospital Group, Hoffman inst.U.K, Sierra Tucson Arizona, The "Meadows"  Wickenburg Arizona.

Here's what leading Life Coach's and Psychotherapist's say about Cliff:

"Cliff Le Clercq is a master healer, he demonstrates a high degree of  integrity in his work, as a clinical trainer I have witnessed Cliff's remarkable effectiveness skill, empathy and humanness in helping people toward health, authenticy and fulfillment. I have complete trust in Cliff's ongoing commitment to excellence" Kip Flock, Clinical director, John Bradshaw centre

"If you want it said "Like it is" go and see Cliff, his capacity for cutting straight to the point and creating real safety for his clients is truely remarkable" Tim Laurence, Author of: "You can change your life" Director: Hoffman institute U.K.

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